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Your life as a whole including recreation, fun and life experiences.


The Flourishing Model

There are different areas in our life and using Dr. Corey Keyes’ Flourishing Model, the assessment tries to determine where you are currently in these different areas. The flourishing model tries to give you a snapshot on where you are in your life (languishing, flourishing, settling and striving) so that you’ll have an idea how to move from where you are to flourishing if you are not there yet.
If you are already flourishing in one area, how can we make it better so that you keep on growing.

Answer the questions below as honest and present as you can. Please read through the guide below:

Feeling Good (Hedonic) – the measurement of emotional well-being. This represents the energy tied directly to a person’s discretionary effort – or, the difference between happily going the extra mile and feeling good versus simply plodding along, or worse.

Functioning Well (Eudaemonic) – the measurement of achievement and purpose as determined by their social and psychological well-being. This represents the level at which a person is functioning well – fulfilled, working with a sense of purpose and place, and getting things done.
*Look at the model below for the definition of Flourishing, Languishing, Settling, Striving

Based on your answer from the Wheel of Life above, a form has been created for you to further identify what you can work on in your life by identifying where you are currently at in that category using the flourishing model.

Note that those categories where you scored 9 and above are treated as Flourishing (Green Highlight) you may change it if you feel like the categories fall in another level.

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Now that you've finished the assessment and have gotten your life snapshot. It's time to take action towards becoming your better self.

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