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What My Clients Say
“Kulas is great at his craft. You feel the genuine care and desire from him that he wants others to really spring out and break away from all those negative thoughts and hindrances most people usually have. What’s great about what he does is he doesn’t tell you what to do or what not do, rather he allows you to discover yourself, your thoughts, your plan on your own. He provides guidance to stir you to the right direction but he does that in a way that you are able to discover that from your own thinking.

Very enlightening and refreshing. I felt like I discovered a new perspective that was just hiding deep within me all along.

It is difficult to pour yourself out and admit your thoughts, negative or not. Most people, including myself, shy away from these kinds of conversation. But having Kulas as a coach allowed me to break away from all those fears and hesitations. He really is great at his craft and I am extremely grateful for the time we’ve spent together. I was able to discover and re-discover my potential and believe the greatness that I’ve been holding back all because of my fears. Thank you Kulas and I would definitely love to continue working with you in the future."
Hanna Sison-Javier
“During the early sessions I was hesitant about this but the moment that I saw how it is beginning to help me, I made sure that I get the most out of the meetings by opening up. I have been surprised with my self-discovery with the help of Kulas. He helped me in analyzing how I deal with my issues and how to achieve my goals. He helped improve my potential and he made me believe in myself more. Life coaching is not about giving advice and I appreciate how neutral it was every session. Every exercise, every questions to bring out why I want certain things to happen helped a lot in building my confidence. It helped me a lot in identifying what I really want to achieve in life and to actually achieve it."
Sarah Selorio
"Loved every sesh with Kulas, it was more than a tandem journey towards achieving your career goals. It was diving deep in a more personal level, a journey towards self discovery, knowing your life goals, where ideally, your career goals should sit. More like the “teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” quote… #SelfSustaining #Empowering #ConfidenceBoosting – This is how ill summarize my journey with him as I was going through a career transition,  a situation I thought was almost impossible to get out of given the myriad of all suppressing factors you could think of #TrueStory

A million thanks Kulas!"
Val Collado
“During my sessions with Kulas, I realized on how fear has paralyzed my goals. His questions were life changing and had my mind focus on what is important. It amazes me how Kulas has helped me find the clarity I was looking for, it was never easy to admit your own shortcomings and exact thoughts but it was so refreshing that I get to do this during our coaching sessions. The vision has never been this clear.
Responsibility and accountability are the 2 of the many takeaways I had with our coaching sessions. Moving forward is always a choice, being stagnant is also a choice. I choose to move forward and up. Thanks to my coach, Kulas.”
Andrea Tangonan
“I am an IT Professional and recently migrated to Canada. Given the situation, I’ve been trying to figure out how to go about my new environment and how to adapt to the changes. I felt like I am not secured and I am risking too much. The coaching sessions helped refocus and pinpoint items that I have overlooked due to several factors. The sessions with Kulas guided me in identifying my personal values at this specific period in my life which gave me awareness and guidance on how I can proceed. Now, I feel like can better assess my situation and proceed with my action plans.
To Kulas, thank you for the wonderful sessions and keep it up!”
Neil Cabangangan
“I was fortunate enough to have Mark as my coach for over 3 months. Mark was able to really break through some limiting beliefs that I had and inspired me to reframe my thinking into a more positive and forward moving approach. His ability to intuitively listen and guide me through a process of self discovery by asking empowering and thought provoking questions really helped to build my confidence and reinforce that I have the courage to accomplish anything I set my mind to. Thank you Mark for all that you have done! I am especially grateful to you for helping me see what I could not on my own”
Vicky Bradley
“I was a bit hesitant at first with the MOVING FORWARD program. But asking for a help from someone like Kulas does not mean I am weak, it means I am strong enough to address that I need a helping hand to sort things out and make things clearer. Those sessions helped me to process my thoughts and take charge of what actions needs to be done. An empowering program. Thank you for the opportunity, Kulas!”
Thesa Francia
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